HAP Program Highlights 

The HAP is designed to increase the number of first-time home purchases among low-to- moderate-income residents in Miami Dade County.

Market Served
Very Low-to-Moderate-Income 1st-Time Homebuyers that reside in Miami-Dade County

Why have a HAP?  
With greater home-purchase related costs, HAP funds can be used to cover or at least reduce the down-payment and/ or closing costs associated with purchasing a home, thereby making it easier for prospective homeowners to qualify for a mortgage.

How does MDEAT’S HAP Work?  
The HAP utilizes Documentary Surtax dollars to provide housing down payment and/ or closing costs assistance via a 0%interest, non-amortized (no payment), mortgage loan. The HAP loan is forgiven if the borrower owns and occupies the property for 10 years without doing a cash-out refinance. Funds are provided on an as needed, first-come, first-serve basis. Permissible amounts are subject to change with prior approved lenders notification.

For Households at or below 80% of the adjusted gross median income (AGI) for Miami-Dade County (see Income Limits & Allowable Financing chart) – Maximum assistance is the lower of 10.00% of the property purchase price or $7,000.00 (amended 2/15/12). 

For Households above 80% of the adjusted gross median income for Miami-Dade County (see the Income Limits & Allowable Financing chart) – Maximum assistance is the lower of 4.00% of the property purchase price or $4,500.00 (amended 2/15/12). 

Borrower Eligibility 
(Ask a HAP approved lender for complete requirements & details) 

Must reside in Miami-Dade County;
Be a First-time homebuyer or have not owned a home in the previous three years;
Have annual household income not exceeding 140% of county median income, adjusted for family size.
Must contribute at least 1% of sales price (income 100% or less of adjusted median) or 3% of sales price (income 100.01-140% of adjusted median) from your own funds.
Must get approved financing thru a HAP approved loan officer & lending institution. 
Property Eligibility 
Any new or existing property located in Miami-Dade County is eligible. The style can be a single-family detached home, a town-home or a condo. Two to four-family units (duplexes, etc.) are ineligible. Foreclosed REO’s & Short Sales considered on a case-by case basis.

Maximum Sales Price 
The purchase price of the property cannot exceed the current FHA mortgage limit.

PARTNERS: The HAP works in partnership with real estate professionals, financial institutions, mortgage lenders & brokers, housing counseling agencies, community-based organizations and several other Miami-Dade County, local cities and some state assistance programs that actively pursue and assist the low-to-moderate-income market.  

For more information, contact Miami Dade Economic Advocacy Trust - Homeownership Assistance Program (HAP/ MMAP-MAP, 19 West Flagler St., Suite M-106, Miami, FL 33130 / 305-372-7600 (ph) / 305-579-3699 (fax)  

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